Beyond Numbers: Using Data Visualization to Communicate

  • måndag / 22 oktober / 2018
  • 11:00-11:20
  • Plats Mingelytan


Studies have pointed to data visualization – rather than straight numbers – as a much more effective way of conveying complex concepts. Yet transport agencies often struggle to effectively visualize their quantitative data when engaging with outside stakeholders. Oftentimes, people even complain that agencies are using technical transportation-speak, not a language the public can understand.

Recent innovation in the way demographic data, isochrone maps, and budget forecasting can be presented is breaking down these types of barriers between transport professionals and outside stakeholders. Through a series of case studies we’ll share how transport authorities are using new technologies to incorporate visualizations and storytelling into their workflow, enhancing transport outcomes by fortifying how they engage with public officials and their communities as a whole.


Persontrafik 2018

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